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guest vocal on glasnost by Mikhail Gorbachev

early morning trash was written by Paul Haines (Plastic Harmony Band) and appears on their fine album Voyage of the Angernaut


released October 31, 2016

-i read an advert in the paper one day it said the mars one will fly you away on the red planet you’ll start a new breed and every seven years we’ll send up some fresh meat up here the gravity is taking me down the conversation dug a hole in the ground

-look into these two dark eyes see through the window no nothing to find inside just a big empty hole so wait life lived out in attrition temper bad tempered by loss cold cold is my uncle now and sleep sleep in my boss

-bread of sorrow water of anger take the scissors to your hair the circus comes to town to see you so get some proper clothes to wear to make you suffer the devil sent him and him touch my arm and watch the blood flow take my fever take my skin tell the judge that i have lied and come prepare me for the end she cried

-You want to talk about the divine power of kings? burn you at the steak chop off your head hang you up cut you down leave you for dead fuck up the church fuck up the people fuck up yourself because you've got no equal

-you find a lot of things in the desert find a lot of things out there i found a crutch and a baby carrier mattress out in the desert someone sleeps out there you find a lot of things in the desert take 'em home chuck 'em on the heap take 'em home turn garbage into trees you can see some shit explode on Felu lane and Noel's knoll road forbidden fruit it makes bad jam 29 palms in 29 hands

-strange nights in other rooms take a bus or take a train take a ride in my little car

-I’m moving back to my home town gonna put on my slippers and shuffle around in my hand i’ll have a can of beer and a bag of chips down by the pier i’m not a lazy man well where’s me mum and where’s me dad and where’s me dog and where’s me cat you can say whatever you like go ask the wheels on me fucking bike he's not a lazy man

-watch a bunch of nincompoops slide about the stage what’s the difference between jelly and jam can’t jelly out this rage when in Rome you gotta do exactly as caesar does i’m not here to see the view just waiting for the buzz waiting for tomorronitis standing in the old cafe strummimg a guitar the cymbals took the drums away and loaded up the car speeding on a sitting train smoking on the brain walking on the pouring front soaking up the rain first you’ll hear a buzzing come then mosquitoes fly next you’ll hear the foghorn blast and you can kiss your ears goodbye



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